President’s Grant (SPARC)

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Bloomsburg University Center for Strategic Communications Services to Debut

SPARC Grant Awarded

This project calls for the creation of a Center for Strategic Communications Services, a University-based, student-centric public relations firm that will provide a full range of public relations and marketing services to regional businesses and non-profit interests. This project directly addresses economic development, community service and pedagogical mandates of the University.

In a continuing effort to promote town/gown relations and simultaneously enhance the impact of the University on the community, this grant addresses the compelling need of the University to advance community engagement in a significant, measureable way while simultaneously addressing all goals in the President’s strategic plan. This initiative provides a specific vehicle for community engagement that will have a substantive impact on the agency clients and the community at large, thus advancing Strategic Issue #4. The creation of the Center for Strategic Communications Services will promote economic development in the region by creating more productive organizations, allowing the University to fully participate in advancing the economic development initiatives of the region. Further, with a scarcity of professional resources providing marketing and public relations services in the region, the University addresses a pressing need of local enterprises.

For more information on the SPARC grant or to learn ways to get involved, please contact Dr. Byrum directly.