Clemson University

Ph.D. earned in Rhetorics, Communications and Information Design (RCID)

College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, GPA 4.00

Dissertation: A comparison of the media source and media type in generating source credibility, information credibility, positive brand attitude, purchase intention, and social media engagement in a corporate social responsibility campaign presented in a social media environment. Copyright: TX-8-038-375.

European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Visiting Scholar

Ph.D. Seminar in Media and Communications, Mentored by Avital Ronell, Ph.D., New York University.

 The University of South Carolina

Master of Arts (MA), Journalism and Mass Communications

Thesis: A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Magazine Advertorials and News Articles in Generating a Positive Consumer Attitude Toward a Product.

The Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Journalism

Minors: Political Science and Women’s Studies